Subliminal Tapes and Subliminal Messaging

Subliminal Tapes have subliminal messages (audio suggestions) that are below the audible range. In other words, the suggestions can't be heard by the conscious mind. 

There are also subliminal visuals. In fact years ago, laws were passed banning subliminal visuals suggestions. They were used in drive-in movies. Within regular film were imbedded frames that showed a soft drink. These imbedded frames couldn't be seen by the naked eye (conscious mind), however, the subconscious mind was unduly influenced by them to cause the person to want and purchase the soft drink or whatever was being shown. The visual subliminal messaging was banned as an ethic consideration, i.e., you should have the right to know what someone is trying to sell you.

Today, in department stores, subliminal messaging is sometimes used with the piped-in music. The subliminal messages are used to discourage shop lifting, i.e., "you are an honest person."

No one really argues with suggestions of this nature although a subliminal messages such as, "you want to buy a lot," would be unethical and illegal.

Professional hypnotists began using subliminal messages in self help tapes in the 70's. There are two basic formats for subliminal messaging:
1. an audio track with relaxing music or sound effects, such as ocean waves, with subliminal messages in the background--no audible voice whatsoever.
2. an audio track with audible suggestions--may also contain background music or sound effects--and subliminal messages.

All of  my subliminal tapes use the latter format. Which is better? 
In my opinion, the format I use is far superior for several reasons.
1. Any program is developed to improve one's chances of achieving a goal. In my experience of 20+ years I've often found individuals attempting to take impractical paths to obtaining a goal or the long way around. For instance, maybe you want to improve at a sport, but don't realize that breadth management is important. Or maybe you want to excel at academics, but don't realize how your own put downs could thwart your progress. Or, maybe you want to get over a lost love but lack valuable information on universal concept of love, and so on. Side one of each of my programs educates the conscious mind--creates a viable realistic path. Subliminal messaging alone can't do this.
2. Side #2 of  my subliminal tapes guide you into a relaxed receptive frame of mind such that each and every time you listen you go deeper and are more responsive to suggestions that are good for you.
3. The suggestions themselves gently bring your subconscious mind up to date to agree with your conscious desires. Any beliefs you have about your limitations are used for your benefit so you can learn from mistakes, become your best friend instead of your best critic, and develop self esteem.

Caution: Never listen to side #2 of any of the subliminal tapes while driving a vehicle.

Are all subliminal messages created equal?
No, just because the tape has subliminal messages  means nothing. Let me explain. Some suggestions, because of how they are phrased, may cause failure in achieving a goal.  For instance, a subliminal messages such as, "I will not eat!"  may cause you to want to eat more. 
There are dozens of examples of this nature. Once you use  one of my programs you will begin to appreciate the value of what you say to yourself.
And to make sure that the subliminal suggestions meet your requirements, all subliminal suggestions that I use on any program are identified beforehand in the audible portion of the program.
Additionally, the subconscious doesn't respond to lengthy complicated subliminal messaging such as, "
I will be relaxed around my parents when they visit."
Instead, subliminal messages such as, "I'm always relaxed," are used.

Use my subliminal tapes in good health with confidence.

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