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The handwriting is on the wall—actually it's up to you to have your life run by other's tapes or use affirmations to write on YOUR wall.

Affirmations for Better Sleeping, Health, and Prosperity $14.95



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Self Help Daily Affirmations for Improved Sleep, Prosperity, Health, Thinness,
Energy, Creativity, Relationships


Save Big: This program is included in the Study Skills Series, the Prosperity Series, and the Self Esteem Series.


This program has literally dozens of self help positive affirmations for improving sleep, health,success,wealth, and prosperity... Jot down a half dozen of your favorite daily affirmations and read them aloud, if possible, ten times daily. Play the recording each night as you go to sleep, or play it upon arising in the morning, or play it at the gym.

What are affirmations? Affirmations are vibrational statements such as "I am healthy." They are command statements--brain fuel--statements of fact for your brain to create reality. But, you might say in response to, "I am healthy," that's untrue because I have a disease. This is where most people have a problem using daily affirmations because it appears like a lie. I say, "appears like a lie," because things are not what they appear.

This program gives you the most advanced thinking on the planet and a true opportunity to own the affirmations and make them true and connect with source.



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