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Hey You Ice Foot!

"Cold Hands--Warm Heart" is Bullsxxt; You May Have a Warm Heart, but Cold Hands can be Down Right Embarrassing.

Cold hands, warm heart? Perhaps, but more often cold hands and cold feet means poor circulation which can eventually contribute to:
hypertension vascular headaches (migraine headaches). Raynaud's syndrome (also known as Raynaud's Phenomenon and Raynauds Disease)

Now you don't have to have any of these conditions to have cold hands and feet. But if you do, what I have to share with you can make a big difference—it will help with any treatment you may be undergoing from your doctor.

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What causes cold hands and feet?

It's not your fault! No one has shared this information with you. The answer is that simply responding to stress can cause cold hands and or feet. Change in circulation or reduced blood flow to your extremities (hands and feet) is associated with the fight/flight reaction. Your body is prepared to fight or run from an attacker. But you might say, "I'm not being attacked and I still have cold hands and feet—I've had them all my life,"

Here's the twist. Any time your:
check ego
check financial status
check family status
check social status

is perceived to be threatened, your brain prepares you to fight or run.

Isn't that amazing! For instance, you could be at a party and some one says, "Chevy's are cheap cars."  If you don't own a Chevy nothing happens, but if you do, it would be normal to feel somewhat defensive which will cause measurable changes in your body, i.e. your:

check breathing will become tenser than before

check you'll brace (some muscles will tighten)

check your circulation might change (cooler hands/feet)



You would be ready to fight or run, but from what? The person making the comment? Everyone else at the party?

You're too busy thinking about a creative "come-back" to notice all these changes in your body, but they are there.

Not everyone has all three reactions to stress. Some people are muscular reactors, some are vascular (cold hands/feet) reactors, and some are clavicle reactors (tense breadth--raises the clavicle). Some react with two or three reactions and after years of this, they adapt to higher and higher levels of stress. Ultimately they may develop hypertension, migraines, or Raynaud's syndrome.




You might say, "I've had cold hands and feet all my life and I don't have any of those problems"

Great, whether you have any health related problems or not, the exact same techniques will enable you to counter your responses to stress. You will learn how to recognize or be aware of when your:
check breathing has been impacted and counter it.
check muscles have tensed and counter it.
check vascular (circulation) has been affected and counter it.

How is this done?

You may not know it, but your mind is incredibly powerful. With practice, you can actually "will" your hands and feet to become warm. Sound impossible?

I thought so when I first heard of the possibility and was amazed that with basic mental relaxation and some self statements I could actually warm my hands and feet.

Since then, I've used these same relaxation techniques to help hundreds of people warm their hands and feet. These are the very same techniques that biofeedback clinicians everywhere use to achieve the same results—clients often paying over a hundred dollars for just one of many sessions.    

On this CD you'll find
checkan easy relaxation technique to achieve muscular relaxation.
checka self hypnotic (autogenic training) technique to improve circulation.
checka visualization technique to improve circulation.

Once you've listened to these techniques, you can practice them anywhere:
check While waiting in the dentist or doctor's office.
check During TV commercial breaks.
check As you wait for a friend meeting you for lunch.
check Get the picture? No need for a cd player--they are easy to remember and make your time much more productive than being irritated waiting.

Yes, you can say "good bye" to Ice Foot once and for all.



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Warm hands /Feet CD  $24.95

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