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LightBook Light at the End of the Tunnel
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Attack Sufferers
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Let's get on the same page and figure out why 70% of all approaches to Panic and Anxiety fail…and how a shift in your thinking and developing some basic skills in managing disappointments helps you be relaxed with relaxed with peace of mind and forget about panic/anxiety.

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There are several reasons why there's so little success in the treatment of Panic and Anxiety:
checkDespite the volumes of information you'll find about Anxiety and Panic, very little is known about how to treat anxiety, panic, and agoraphobia. One big reason is because the personality traits of the panic and anxiety sufferer are largely ignored. Most clinicians view these individuals generally as "out of control" individuals who are immature, irresponsible, and in tremendous need of attention (secondary gain--a term psychologists like to use).
checkTreatment for those suffering from agoraphobia, anxiety and panic is haphazard at best. And even though there is occasional success by this haphazard shot gun type of approach, success rates are usually limited to the 30% range.

Whereas, this program has consistently demonstrated 75% success rate.
For actual statistics from a study done Click here.


When I say haphazard, I mean that the therapist uses similar or the same techniques with panic and anxiety disorders that they use for most other presenting issues. In other words, if the clinician specializes in:
checkEFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), he/she will use that.
checkBehavioral modification, he/she uses it.
checkRebirthing, he/she uses it.
checkBiofeedback (a biofeedback awareness model).
checkHypnosis, he/she will use an eye closure technique...

And even though these approaches may work well for other presenting issues, the best success that can be hoped for is roughly 30% which is the success rate generally achieved by the placebo sugar pill.

For most clients suffering from a mild agoraphobia, panic or anxiety disorder, no complications are encountered using these various approaches, however, for the chronic acute panic sufferer, many of these approaches may create an emergency trip to the hospital becasuse the approach used will trigger anxiety attacks. As more is learned about why some approaches work and others fail, the acute anxiety sufferer may ultimately be suing the irresponsible clinician for mal practice. To my knowledge, it hasn't been done yet.

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As we discover the true nature of the panic attack sufferer's personality, we find that information to be the key to the cure of the problem. Truth is that panic and anxiety attack sufferers are:

checkHighly responsible individuals--responsible to a fault.

checkAlso Type A perfectionists with high expectations of themselves.

checkSomewhat naïve in their thinking.

In fact it's these expectations, their extreme responsible nature, and their perfectionist tendencies that contributes to panic attacks, agoraphobia and anxiety. And unless the approach or treatments used successfully deals with the personality flaws (even though minor they affect the sufferer in a major way) in the inter-workings of their personality, they will either relapse or substitute to another presenting problem.

Other factors that contribute to panic and anxiety are that they:

checkAlso rely heavily upon their ability to come to conclusions.

checkAre totally unskilled in observing.

checkExperience a total ignorance of their body's normal reactions to stress (how the general adaptation syndrome works).

Dealing with these factors is the real challenge.


The truth is that your brain is a computer that will give you anything you want in terms of managing your life regardless of what your past experiences have been. Having worked with hundreds of clients, I know that it's a well known fact that instead of them having an anxiety or panic problem, they had a problem managing certain types of stress or they had a thinking problem (their own negative self talk contributed to their problems).


Light at the End of the Tunnel for Panic and Anxiety Sufferers is about clearing up the ignorance of panic and anxiety sufferers. Panic, Anxiety, and Agorophibia are truly a disease of ignorance.

Most clinicians useing the techniques like those mentioned above use inward focusing techniques which enhances self awareness. Unfortunately this type of approach will cause panic and anxiety attacks in acute sufferers. Light at the End of the Tunnel for Panic/Anxiety Sufferers e-book:

checkTeaches how to shift from inward to outward focus or concentration.

checkUses an awakened hypnotic (NLP) technique to break through the conclusion trap and open the path to observation so that the individual can simply notice changes in muscle tension, heart rate, breathing, and be amused rather than ending up in the emergency ward.

checkPermanent change is created by developing skills to handling life's disappointments. Truth is that life is more about dealing with the plans that fall through than it is about the plans we make. Without these skills, individuals of this personality type have little choice but to create anxiety. However, with these skills, panic becomes a "thing of the past."

checkGives you the ability to forget about anxiety. Yes, one can remember that he/she had a problem and forget about how it felt.

This e-book is for the individual suffering from occasional anxiety as well as for the individual suffering from acute panic anxiety attacks.

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