Personal Freedom Emotional Health Series  


Dad told me, "Richard, always give your customers more than what they pay for." And that's exactly what the Personal Freedom Series is. It's How to Manage Conflict, Anger, and Emotion Control. Have Confidence and Composure Even in the Most Highly Charged Situations.

Complete Personal Freedom Series (6 cds) $181.60 $89.77 

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With the most advanced thinking on the planet,  the personal freedom series has everything for emotional expression to develop emotional health, strengthen relationships, and profit from disappointments.


Personal Freedom for Emotional Health

is a multi faceted goal. The Handling Anger Program provides you the tools to deal effectively with your anger and the anger of others. For indeed, can anyone do more to impede your progress than you? The Up From Depression Program provides you with the key to keeping free of the shroud of depression.

Emotions are about dealing with the hidden language in communication. The Making Relationships Work Program is about handling the emotional charge of others without being impacted. It's moving from parent-child communication into the adult. It's about responsible communication.  

Yet with all your success in career advancement in accumulation of wealth and fortune, without a healthy self worth, it could very well be all for naught. The Personal Freedom Series contains the most valuable technique in developing true self worth. And yes, wouldn't it be great to move directly to your goals without any disappointments? Of course and yet we live in a real world where in reality life is often more about the plans that fall through and need adjustment than it is about the goals we set. The Building Self Esteem Program's second cd is about using emotional disappointments to catapult you to relationship wisdom.

Free Seven Part Report "Discover the Little Known Secrets--What Makes Hypnosis Work" and Monthly Stress Management TipsSM Bulletin--a $300 value

Bonus Program: And yes, results are often enhanced with a good dose of self love. Actually, there's the emotional, physical, and the spiritual self. Denial of any one aspect creates an imbalance in our emotional health. The I Love Me Program ties together the physical, emotional, and spiritual (not to be confused with religious).

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If you order more than one series, you will notice that several programs are included in more than one series. In the event this happens, you order two series each with the same program, you may select another program to replace the duplicate program. If the duplicate program contains 2 cd's then you can select any 2 cd's that you wish. If the duplicate program is one cd, then select any other single cd program.  You will be given opportunity when you place your order to add a note at which time you can specify your substitutions. 

Handling the Effects of Anger CD   $24.95

Up From Depression CD $24.95

Making Relationships Work CD   $19.95

Building Self Worth CD's Parts 1 through 4 $49.90

PLUS Bonus Program - I Love Me $24.95

PLUS Bonus E-Books

How to Get Rid of Self Esteem Blues $21.95

Love of Self Before All Others $14.95


Complete Personal Freedom Series $181.60 $89.77 



Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical CD Version
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