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1. Habitual Eating CD
2. Emotional Eating CD
3. Self Defeative Eating CD
4. Weight Management Bonus Tracts
5. Building Self Worth (2 CDs)
6. Self Confidence CD

PLUS: How to Stop,End, and Cure Compulsive, Emotional, and Binge Eating and Quick Tips on How to Build and Improve Self Esteem e-books


Contained in this series are:
• The secrets to manage Habitual Eating.
• The one true method of successfully handling Emotional Eating.
• How to identify and stop Self Defeative Eating.
• The secrets of stopping a binge before it starts.
• The secrets of how to feel good about yourself even on a bad hair day.
• The proven methods of Building Self Confidence & Assertiveness
• The secrets of Building Self Esteem so powerful that you'll feel good about yourself even on "Bad Hair" days or even in those times when it seems like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.

Are you ready to lose weight on the chewy, gooey, crispy, creamy, tasty, healthy, hearty "no diet" diet?

ANNOUNCING: The weight loss management scientific breakthrough of the century with the most advanced thinking on the planet, the weight management series has everything to free oneself of habitual, emotional, and self defeative eating plus develop true self worth and build confidence.

Free Seven Part Report "Discover the Little Known Secrets--What Makes Hypnosis Work" and Monthly Stress Management TipsSM Bulletin--a $300 value

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If you order more than one series, you will notice that several programs are included in more than one series.
In the event this happens--you order two series each with the same program, you may select another program to replace the duplicate program. If the duplicate program contains 2 CD's then you can select any 2 CD's that you wish. If the duplicate program is one CD, then select any other single CD program.  You will be given opportunity when you place your order to add a note at which time you can specify your substitutions. 

Effective Weight Management is a multi faceted goal. The Habitual Eating Program program provides you the foundation to move beyond habitual compulsions. The Emotional Eating program frees you from emotions determining your eating habits, The Self Defeative Eating program lets you dissolve excess weight with motivation and the Building Self Worth and Self Confidence and Assertiveness program provides you the skills of moving beyond self imposed limitations. 

The Weight Management Bonus Tracks provide you with variations of suggestions for shedding those excess pounds and maintaining thinness. FYI the Bonus Tracks is actually the first recorded program I did dealing with emotional eating. After I had a better understanding of the specific differences of habitual, emotional and self defeative eating I replaced it with three distinct programs. But because so many clients responded so well, i.e. one shared that her husband got rid of weight just listening to it with her at night, another swore that her dog lost weight and so on, I included it into a bonus tracks as part of the complete collection of weight management self help mp3 downloads.

Overcome Habitual Eating CD   $24.95

Overcome Emotional Eating #2 CD   $24.95

Overcome Self Defeative Eating #3 CD   $24.95

Building Self Worth (two CD's) $49.95

Self Confidence CD $24.95

How to End, Cure and Stop Compulsive, Emotional, and Binge Eating E-book $19.95

Quick Tips on How To Build and Improve Self Esteem E-book $21.95

Weight Management #4 Bonus Tracks CD $16.95

Total Value:   $184.60    $99.77

Seven CD's over  $218.60 value for only   $99.77 

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual CDs

Digital Download Version
Physical CD Version
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