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How to Improve Communication in Relationships:
Communicate with Confidence, Clarity, and Credibility
is the benefit of the Making Relationships Better program.

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Communication Is Much Like A Base Ball Diamond

How to Improve Communication in Marriage and Workplace Relationships: Assertiveness, communication, expression--all these represent parts of what makes relationships work.

Communication is the most important aspect of making a relationship work. No matter how great or close a relationship is there is a potential for misunderstanding which can lead to ill feelings--feelings of frustration, confusion, aggravation, anger, upset, being ignored or taken advantage of.

Unexpressed feelings can contribute to insomnia, illness, obsessions, and other bodily ailments caused by suppression of the immune system. Ineffectively expressed feelings can ruin the relationship. It can be damn if you do, and damn if you don't.

Part I of this program provides you with the framework of communication likened to going around the bases of a baseball diamond to home plate.

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First Base is acknowledging your feelings. This in itself is a challenge since most of us have years and years of practice ignoring our feelings and pretending we're not upset, angry, or for that matter, have any feeling that could we could be made fun of for having.

Second Base is about owning our feelings. They belong to us and no one made us feel the way we do.

Third Base is about responsibly expressing our feelings from an adult level with the other party.

Home Plate is about being complete knowing that we responsibly expressed our feelings without being attached to have any particular outcome.

Part II is the relaxation and hypnosis portion of the program providing suggestions to the subconscious mind to effect responsible communication with others and make it a habit.

Making Relationships Work $24.95

Choose whether you want mp3 download or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical Cd Version


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