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For many of us, it's as though we live in a house of gluttony. And this house has three rooms:

Habitual • Emotional • Self Defeative

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This is why it's so difficult to lose weight. At any given moment we could be in any one of these rooms. The goal of course is to escape the house of gluttony which could encompass both compulsive overeating and binge eating.  However with each room, the excessive or compulsive eating is driven by a different set of factors. Thus, if all types of overeating are treated the same, sometimes you can escape the house of gluttony and often you can't. In fact, the result is that often you simply get bounced from room to room.  


Most of us are different eaters at different times and that can even vary at different times of our lives, e.g., you might be a habitual eater 40% of the time. A habitual eater is someone who just habitually eats because of being at a certain place or time. For instance, habitually stops for a bagel and coffee. 

Another 40% of the time you may be an emotional eater, i.e., eating because you're bored, frustrated, happy, confused... 

And the remaining 20% may be self defeative (being your own worst enemy)


The goal of this program is to empower you to figure out which room you are in at any given time and to escape the house of gluttony instead of bouncing from room to room. 



Habitual Eating is the easiest type to handle and most programs on the market do a great job at dealing with habitual eating. We find out which room you're in in this house of gluttony by assuming that all excessive, compulsive overeating, or binge eating is habitual until proven otherwise. 

The first cd  in the Weight Management program develops very powerful cognitions (the way we think) or awareness techniques for handling habitual compulsive over eating and binge eating to lose weight. This program also provides the listener with the tools to develop a healthy self image to support the building of self esteem along with the power of self hypnosis for reprogramming the subconscious mind. 

From the time we were youngsters, we were programmed to associate food with pleasure and survival. For this reason, you will from time to time experience temptation. Not only emotional baggage, but also your self talk will cause you to eat. Most clients I've worked with felt as though they were their own worse enemy. This was actually caused by three reasons:
1. their self talk made them anxious and to desire food.
2. they demeaned themselves with many put downs.
3. their self image was a fat one.

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Let's Look at Self Talk! Do you think or say any of the following:
chekI shouldn't eat such and such.
chekI am going to try to lose weight.
chekI should give up and do without eating desert.
chekI'm so hungry that I could eat a horse.
chekI'll eat today and starve (diet) tomorrow.
chekI must lose weight.
chekI can't stand myself anymore.
chekI don't miss desert anymore.

If we study the above from the perspective that your brain is similar to a computer, it's easily demonstrated that all of the above are literally hypnotic suggestions to cause you to eat more or become nervous which in turn fosters excessive eating, compulsive overeating, or binge eating. 

The Scale Conspiracy Program is the one in which you:

chekbecome your own best friend.
chekfree yourself of habitual eating.
chekdevelop a positive healthy self image.
chekcorrect and successfully counter the above counter productive thinking.

This self help mp3 downloads or cd program is part of the Complete Weight Management Collection (4 cds) and the Weight Management Series which contains programs for self worth and self confidence at significant savings.


Overcome Habitual Eating CD  $24.95

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical CD Version
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