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How to Use the Pendulum

Although the pendulum is easy to use, many who use the CD program find that they get more and better results from the pendulum.  This one hypnotic program hypnotically conditions you for using the pendulum with suggestions for connecting with infinite wisdom and knowledge and for improving your intuitive powers.  For the beginner or the advanced pendulumist the suggestions relax you so you can connect with your subconscious mind which is "all knowing," and get the most from your pendulum. 

Whatever natural talents you may have, this program will help you enhance them!

Part I of the program provides you the theory and instructions for practical use of the pendulum for many different uses such as:
1. Determining effectiveness of suggestions used in self hypnosis
2. Finding lost items.
3. Uncovering unconscious desires.
4. Determining romantic compatibility.
5. Determining which foods and supplements are healthy.
6. Dowsing
7. Discovering subconscious resistances to achieving goals.
8. Having fun picking lottery numbers, choosing winners at sports events...
9. The ideomotor response.
10 Inducing self hypnosis and hypnosis

Part II of the program uses the pendulum for induction followed by a workshop in determining effectiveness of various suggestions you may be wanting to use in self hypnosis and suggestions for connecting the subconscious mind thru your arm, wrist, hand, and the pendulum.

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