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Did you ever see a telegram from your heart telling you
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People are exercising like crazy, changing their diets, gulping supplements, and taking expensive drugs to reduce cholesterol. Yet, none of this is making a dent in heart dis~~ease statistics. Why? Because high cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease. This program tells you what does and what cures it.

Heart foods that head off heart attacks! Will You Kill Yourself
Trying To Avoid Heart Disease?

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How to protect your loved ones from the number one Killer!

Strong Healthy Heart:

This is the one program with the power of hypnosis, cognitive restructuring, stress management, centering and practical healthy eating habits, that inspires you to look beyond the gloom of a doctor's diagnosis to see the beauty of life.

The etiology of heart disease from three different sources:
1. Blood pressure changes (without having a blood pressure problem)
2.  The action of cortisol and how it's function in the stress  response
3. Cholesterol and high and low density lipo proteins are give in ABC easy to understand terms, so if you haven't been able to quite understand what you doctor has or hasn't said, it's explained in detail in easy to understand terms. Likewise the relationship of diet, exercise, and self-regulation are explained in simple and easy to understand language. If you are a Type A personality, i.e., a tough competitor, perfectionist, hard worker, and have been told by your doctor that you are prone to heart attack or heart disease, or that you should learn to take it easy and avoid getting too caught up in things, then this program is a must. By making some simple changes you can remain competitive, successful, and improve you chances of living a long healthy life.

Why me? The answer is in your personality. Personality is a learned collection of behavioral traits. The behaviors of interest to one prone to heart disease is how you respond to stress. To get an idea of how this works we lean from a study done years ago in England.

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The study compared the incidence of heart disease and heart attacks found in bus drivers versus the incidence of heart disease and heart attacks found in conductors. It was found that bus drivers had a significantly higher incidence of heart disease than conductors--both exposed to the same traffic situations. It was also found that the bus driver felt responsible for his passengers in the decisions he made while driving whereas the conductor performed no functions that could affect the safety of the passengers. Specifically it was found that in stressful situations, the bus driver's body created cortisol--a powerful hormone that readies the body to fight. If this hormone is not metabolized--as it would be in a physical fight--it circulates through the body doing physical harm to the arterial system.  

How stress works. Whenever the brain senses a threat, as in a near vehicular accident, it prepares the body to fight or run just as if the person  were being physically attacked by a mugger. However, fighting and running are neither appropriate responses in such a vehicular mishap. Repeat this many times a day for many years and the cost to the body multiplies. Then add in the Type A perfectionist personality and just about any kind of stress will cause the same kind of reaction which releases cortisol. 

The first six tracks of the Strong Healthy Heart program are about learning to recognize  the stress response and through basic stress management techniques reverse stop the damaging stress response which releases cortisol. Using basic stress management centering techniques and cognitive restructuring you learn how to be your own best friend and leave your body out of the stress response. You use your intelligence to deal with the stress and keep your body relaxed and healthy. Taking balance multivitamins such as the Complete Nutritional System (you can order from us or go to any health food store) and using rice bran cooking/salad oil with a healthy diet as given in the cd give you a good foundation for managing stress effectively. See,  you don't even have to purchase the program to begin benefiting--just go to the link and order your rice bran oil direct from the company--no affiliation. 

Part II of this program is the relaxation hypnotic portion including subliminal suggestions that empower you to "leave your body" out of the stress response and to handle the frustrations of life with your intelligence. 

Strong Healthy Heart CD  $24.95

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical CD Version
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