Anger Management

How to Manage Conflict, Anger and Emotion Control. Yes, you can experience confidence
and composure even in the most highly-charged situations.

Handling the Effects of Anger CD $24.95

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Save Big: This program is included in the Relationship Series and the Personal Freedom Series for Emotional Health.


Anger Management--Don't let your temper or someone else's ruin your life!
Handling the Effects of Anger--Anger Management in the Workplace

When anger is improperly handled or avoided, it can build up like a bomb waiting to explode and to destroy relationships, cause health problems, (headaches, stomach problems, insomnia, phobias, heart disease), or be released with acts of deadly retaliation  or anger in the workplace can destroy one's career. This program is effective for the youngster testing his/her waters in adolescence as well as for the executive dealing with anger management in the workplace. Why? Because anger is anger and it doesn't care the age, sex, or race of the individual dealing with it. This program offers valuable insight into others as well as your own behaviors. How to identify anger in the behavior of others, e.g.  "I like your new car, but isn't it too big for you?" Is that simply a question of concern or the possibility of concealed anger? The program goes into a myriad of methods others use to conceal the emotion. Some you might recognize in you and finally once and for all understand the basis of those feelings. 

On the other hand, anger can be handled in a healthy manner which can be used to improve health and strengthen relationships.

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This is the one program with the power of hypnosis, cognitive restructuring, and practical healthy techniques in anger management, inspires one to look beyond the ugliness to see the beauty of life. Express your anger in the workplace effectively to strengthen your relationships. Learn to become your own best friend and gain a sense of accomplishment from the new way you handle anger. 

The self help program includes subliminal suggestions (suggestions below the level of hearing). Since subliminal suggestions are below the threshold of conscious hearing, the critical conscious mind which could refuse the positive suggestions is bypassed with the subliminal suggestions which go direct to the subconscious mind for maximum results. 

Anger therapy? Listen to the program, follow the easy instructions and then  you decide if this self help program is anger therapy or just plain common sense. Or maybe for some, common sense is anger therapy. 

Side one (tracks one thru nine) lays the foundation for the hypnotic suggestions on side two (tracks ten thru twelve) using a river meditation where you begin as a stream (early years) and mature into a lake (adult years) puts anger into a proper perspective where it can be recognized, acknowledged and experienced. Once experienced, anger it disappears. Get beyond the beliefs that keep you from feeling anger and learn how to discharge anger safely and in such a manner as to benefit your relationships and at the same time keep anger from manifesting itself in your body where it can make you sick.

Side two tracks (eleven and twelve) hypnotically moves one through the stream of anger and into the calm of life.

The end result is that program will enable the listener to handle anger properly whether it be anger in the workplace or at home and in a manner whereby he/she can prosper.


Note: this program contains some foul and primitive language customary with the expression of anger. It should be used with those under the age of 17 only with parental guidance. 

Handling the Effects of Anger CD $24.95

Choose whether you want mp3 download or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical Cd Version
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