shy Overcome Shyness: Can you feel good about yourself even when you do something embarrassing in front of someone you want to impress? Over Come Shyness


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As you probably already know, you don't have to be a genius to overcome shyness and have chutzpah but in the process of developing it, it often helps to know how to:

checkFeel good about yourself on a "bad hair day" and when every thing seems to go wrong or
you make an embarrassing mistake or goof.

checkExperience confidence and composure even in the most highly-charged situations.

checkExperience your inner tranquility—that is, the wondrousness of you.

checkPut it all into action with the Internet Dating E-book that will save you hundreds of dollars. 

The Overcome Shyness Series

Overcoming Shyness is a multi faceted goal. The Overcome Shyness Program provides you the tools to deal with the fears of approaching that special someone. The Building Self Worth program provides you the tools to build self esteem. It shows you how to feel good about YOU even on a "bad hair day."  When you feel good about you, you attract others like a magnet attracts iron filings.

Complete with Assertive techniques, the Self Confidence program puts the action of life in your hands.

The Internet Dating E-book shows you how to attract your mate in 30 days or less.

The I Love Me program gives you balance among your physical, emotional and spiritual self (not to be confused with religion).

Bonus Program: And yes, results are often enhanced with a good dose of the experience of your greatness with the Wonderousness of You Program.

Free Seven Part Report "Discover the Little Known Secrets--What Makes Hypnosis Work" and Monthly Stress Management TipsSM Bulletin--a $300 value

Value Packed Program

Overcome Shyness Program  $24.95

Complete Building Self Worth Program  $49.90

Building Self Confidence and Assertiveness  $24.95

I Love Me Program  $24.95 ____________________________________________

Internet Dating Ebook - Find Your Match in 30 days or less $14.95 ____________________________________________

Plus Bonuses

The Inner World of Tranquility Bonus Program $19.95

How To Get Rid of Self Esteem Blues E-book  $21.95

Self Confidence Builder E-book  $14.95

Love of Self Before All Others E-book  $14.95

Total Value of the Complete Program $251.50 for only $99.77


Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

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