1. Materials: all programs are guaranteed to play on standard cd players. Cd's will not play on mp3 format. If cd's are damaged by the postal system, they are replaced free of charge. Although we strive to have the auditory clear and concise, some programs have minor variations in volume or voice inflections which may be perceived as a slight nuisance. With hypnotic programs, it's better to have your conscious mind busy thinking about some distraction of voice level than to hinge on every word being said. What you hear is only for your conscious mind, what is being said during the relaxation portion is for your subconscious mind and hopefully at that point your conscious is day dreaming or in a mellow state rather non-caring about hearing every word. 

2. Results: all programs and e-books are guaranteed to significantly contribute to your life. This is highly subjective on your part so rather than have a situation where you listen to the program once and expect immediate results (not that it couldn't happen) we know that some suggestions take time. They are very much like seeds that are planted in the garden. There's a germination period. This is why no refund is given for a program returned in less than 30 days after you have received it. If you can say that you've followed the easy instructions, i.e., listened to the program as instructed on the program, for 30 days and have received no benefit, then simply return the program after 30 days and before four months and you will be issued a refund for the purchase price of the program.

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Why four months? Simple, if you are using a program to Overcome Phobias, Overcome Shyness, Over Come Panic/Anxiety*, or Weight Management, you most likely have been suffering with the problem for many years and to expect a big turn around in just one month creates a lot of pressure. Sometimes, you'll work with the program and notice no appreciable change after 30 days. If fact you might put the program off in a drawer and go on living life. A few weeks later you'll notice it in the drawer and say, "OK, let me give it another shot."

Any of three things will happen:
a. After listening to the program again, you'll notice that there was an appreciable change after all and be happy that you're making progress.

b. The program will take on new meaning. In other words, you'll listen and use it just as before and notice what is said has new meaning and you'll think, "Ah ha, that's what he meant." Again, this will contribute to progress.

c. A friend will compliment you and say, "gosh, you seem more (confident, outward going, thinner...). You'll be in disbelief and your friend will say, "remember, you used to do so and so and you've stopped doing it or are better at it." At which point, you'll stop and  realize there are changes, "Uhm, I guess I am changing, let me keep using this program."

Obviously, you are your own worse critic and because of that if you have a time constraint on getting results within 30 days and then a narrow window of time to return the program, you'll be too anxious to gain results. In fact, if you're at about the four month time period and just haven't made up your mind, email me for a month or two month extension. I know that information on my programs is the most advanced thinking on the planet and that the programs produce results when the person using the programs is relaxed about it and under no time constraints.

I don't mean to pick on those with phobias, shyness, or a weight issue, the same is true for any program with which you are working whether it's Learn to Relax, Success, Making Relationships Work, Improve Sports...

3. To return any program for a refund,  send to Stress Management Institute, 28 Tindall Rd. Middletown, NJ 07748 and include the packing slip (or a copy) which came with your program--no refunds will be processed without the packing slip.  Your paypal refund will be processed usually within 48 hrs of receiving the programs.  

 * The Over Come Panic/Anxiety program includes a 15 minute phone consultation; simply email me at with "anxiety program" in the subject line and we'll set up an appointment time. Please note that no refund is given for this program unless you have had the 15 minute phone consultation. And no, I won't be trying to convince you to keep the program, I'll be helping you to uncover the answer to beating panic and anxiety just as I would be if you saw me in person for an initial consult--only difference is that you'll have had a lot more information from the dvd's from which to draw.  

4. If you are requesting a refund for any e-book or mp3 download, it must be after you've had it for 30 days and before four months. Simply email the confirmation email which was sent to you in which the e-book or Mp3 download was attached and in the subject line write, "e-book or mp3 refund request."