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Since you're off to a flying start… why not start off
flying smart with your thinking.

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Save Big: This program is included in the the Prosperity Series.

Prosperity Consciousness:

Why don't we achieve prosperity naturally? Prosperity is available to each and every one of us from before birth so why is it that many of us wallow in poverty instead of attract prosperity?

It's because what happens to us after birth in the form of programming and coming to our own conclusions (some of the very dangerous).

The movie, The Secret, and books such as the Attractor Factor by Dr. Joe Vitale and Ask and Its Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks have recently made more and more of us reaching for prosperity. Not that we didn't do it before, but we just kind of thought of it as something we should look into once we get "caught up" with life. 

The program (the best of all these resources) plus those of the ancient masters have been around for centuries. The books are great reading and highly recommended and the movie is a great place to start, but if you want to put it all into action, then from an audio subconscious perspective you will:

1. Appreciate the value of "GRATEFULNESS."

2. Recognize self limiting thinking and incorporate the most effective technique ever discovered to become your own best friend, move beyond limited thinking, attract health, attract wealth, and attract prosperity.

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3. Let go of complaining and self pity.

4. Recognize the value of the most powerful computer ever made--your brain. Yet, no computer is beyond being affected by viruses and spy ware that slows them down. The prosperity program contains the most effective virus eliminating program ever devised so that you subconscious can remove any deep programming that stands in your way of success.

5. Owning affirmations for health, wealth, and prosperity.

6. Two programs for reprogramming the subconscious. The first is a campfire meditation of connecting with source through affirmation. The second is a cleansing starting from before birth and goes though to the here and now where you choose to accept or reject programming given to you by others and yourself from coming to conclusions about life with limited experience.


All in all you'll find that this is the one hypnotic program that not only takes you deeper and deeper with each time you listen, but one that you will listen to time and time again. 

If you work for a living, or earn a living, are into competition (winning or losing), find you have limited income, you are into poverty consciousness. Prosperity consciousness is just a thought away. In prosperity consciousness you manifest abundance in everything you do and all your relationships as you attract health, attract wealth, and attract prosperity.

Prosperity Conscious CD $24.95 

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical CD Version
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