Relationship Series


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The Relationship Series

The Relationship series has everything for how to improve communication in marriage and the workplace. The Making Relationship Work program is the "How to improve communication in all relationships. How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity, and Credibility.  It takes you beyond the words and symbols of communication and provides you the confidence to get there. The Ecstasy in Relationship Program gives you the opportunity to have a relationship--any relationship with anyone--as good as you can possibly imagine. The Handling Anger Program unravels the mystery of when and how to express this vital emotion. You can Manage Conflict, Anger and Emotion Control. Yes, you can experience confidence and composure even in the most highly-charged situations.

The Handling Criticism Program clues you into the fact that Criticism is a game. You learn to play the game and you'll find that toxic criticism flows off you like water off a duck's back--a sure fire way to handle people who make your life miserable.

The Bi Polar Personality Program lets you see how to identify the bi-polar issue and deal effectively with it.

Free Seven Part Report "Discover the Little Known Secrets--What Makes Hypnosis Work" and Monthly Stress Management TipsSM Bulletin--a $300 value

And the bonus program, Inner World of Tranquility brings about your Inner Tranquility--The Greatness of You--The Wonders of You--The Magic Within that you can draw upon in any situation. 

Ordering more than one series? SPECIAL OFFER!
If you order more than one series, you will notice that several programs are included in more than one series.
In the event this happens--you order two series each with the same program, you may select another program to replace the duplicate program. If the duplicate program contains 2 CD's then you can select any 2 CD's that you wish. If the duplicate program is one CD, then select any other single CD program.  You will be given opportunity when you place your order to add a note at which time you can specify your substitutions.  With the most advanced thinking on the planet,  the personal freedom series has everything for emotional expression to develop emotional health, strengthen relationships, and profit from disappointments.

Making Relationships Work $24.95

Ecstasy in Relationships $19.95

Handling the Effects of Anger $24.95

Handling Criticism $19.95

Bi Polar Personality $19.95

Total $104.75


Bonus Program, Inner World of Tranquility $14.95

(Activating Self Motivation)

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SAVE BIG! six CD's over  $104.75 value for only   $89.77 

Choose whether you want mp3 download or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical Cd Version
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