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Improving Self Esteem--Overcome Low Self Esteem--Build Confidence

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Looking to build self esteem, but don't have the foggiest clue as to how to choose the best program which will actually build your self worth and not set you up for a life crisis? Five things you need to know before investing in a program to build self worth--see below. Would you believe that every other technique I've seen to build self esteem actually fosters a life crisis?

Part I and Part II are the bible for building Self Worth CD #1  

Part III and Part IV is the magic of keeping the self worth that you build everyday by becoming your own best friend and discovering means by which you can profit from disappointment. CD #2

Parts I, II, III, & IV, The complete program, on two CD's for $49.95

Five things you need to know about building self esteem and the approaches generally used.

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1. Many programs focus on having you acquire skills, achievements, change you physical appearance, develop a talent, additional education, and so on. Building self esteem on something you can acquire can set you up for a big let down, life crisis, and loss of self esteem because these things are not the essence of you but superficial. Make sure the program you choose is not superficially oriented. While you certainly will accomplish many things, when you build self worth my way, you will never be at risk of losing your self esteem. While talents, skills, accomplishments and so on may come and go, you want your self esteem to be impenetrable

2. Many programs emphasize affirmations. While affirmations are important, they can be rejected too. Make sure the program you select to build self worth goes beyond affirmations. My program (self help mp3 downloads or cds) actually shows you how to overcome affirmation rejection.

3. Evaluate goal setting. Yes, many programs use the approach of setting and achieving goals to build self worth. While it's ok to have and achieve goals, goals in themselves can be a catch 22 in building self worth. Should you fall short of a particular goal, your self esteem is in jeopardy. My program (self help mp3 downloads or cds) doesn't require any goal setting to build self esteem. While you may have and achieve many goals, your self esteem is not dependent on them.

4. Many programs only educate the thinking conscious mind. This approach could take forever. The limbic (emotional brain) lags behind the reticular (thinking cognitive brain). When you choose a program, make sure that the program nurtures the emotional brain otherwise, the thinking brain gets smarter and you get simply frustrated because you just can't seem to put the material into action. My self help mp3 downloads and cds use techniques to bring the emotional brain up to date to agree with the new information the thinking brain is receiving. My program focuses on closing the gap between the emotional and the thinking brain.

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5. Few programs utilize the power of hypnosis and subliminal suggestions and those that do, may not tell you what the actual suggestions are and what's worse the suggestions may be counter productive. For instance, many use a suggestion such as, "I am not going to feel badly anymore." Because of how the brain processes words, this suggestion focuses on feeling badly and is therefore counter productive. Or they may use a complex suggestion which is useless because the subconscious doesn't process complex suggestions.  My program gives you two powerful hypnotic sleep programs and each subliminal suggestion used is audibly listed before the relaxation begins.  

Improving Self Esteem and Build Confidence

This best selling program is the most effective program ever produced for improving self esteem to build confidence!  It is leap years ahead of the science and today is "state of the art." This one program on two cds accomplishes the same as other programs requiring a half dozen cds and costing well over $200 to accomplish the same results. 

In my experience of conducting stress management programs and counseling for over 20 years, I found that roughly 99% of those I've worked with felt that they had low self esteem. How could this be? Simply the causes of low self esteem are that most of us have been taught to base our self-worth on our accomplishments, skills, physique, financial worth and earnings, ability to help others, and so on. Little wonder then when we:
   • lose skills because of injury;
   • lose a close family member on whom we're very dependent to the great beyond;
   • lose our financial nest egg because the stock market collapses;
   • do poorly in a course of study;     
   • have a bad hair day; or 
   • don't live up to our own expectations... 

we don't feel good about ourselves and our selfesteem selfconfidence are challenged. Ultimately, this may jeopardize our health, emotional well being, set us up for failure mechanisms, be constantly trying to impress others, identity crisis, suicide, chronic depression, and so on.  Why, when there are so many programs available for improving self esteem building confidence,  the shortage of those who have selfesteem? 

The answer is that if you analyze all the other programs, trainings, and techniques for overcoming low self esteem or building selfesteem in women and men, you'll see that they actually create the path to easily put your selfesteem selfconfidence in jeopardy with the first calamity that comes along in your life. 

Most programs for improving self esteem or building self esteem either instruct you to use affirmations that simply may be rejected by your subconscious. Sure they may fire you up for a short period of time but in a few weeks the affirmations will be forgotten and you'll return to the same fundamental question about your self worth. 

Or, as a psychologist did for one client, (take the link for an example) the programs instruct you in improving self esteem by improving some specific skills, i.e., get a better job, a better education, some kind of specific training, attain some achievements, and so on. Sure, with improved skills, more friends, a better job, higher education, and specific acknowledgments for achievements you will feel a sense of self esteem--but, in my experience in working with hundreds of clients, it's cosmetic at best. That is, the moment the unexpected crisis occurs that threatens or worse yet wipes away your accomplishments, attained stature, physical abilities, employment, and so on, you may well be left with a lousy feeling about your self esteem. In other words, if you put all the other programs to the test, you'll see that they set you up for failure, and the effects on self worth is temporary at best.

This is the one program that goes beyond you ever needing to be dependent on you having accomplishments, connections, an education, physical abilities, physical beauty, a certain weight, a high paying job, physical beauty, behaved kids, your ability to spell... In fact this program shows you how to build self worth and self esteem free of requiring accomplishments or having to believe any affirmation. Not that you won't create accomplishments, wealth, great looks, friends, a higher education, a great career or whatever--you just won't need them or be dependent on having them to feel good about yourself to overcome low self esteem. 

How is it done? 

First, in improving self esteem or building self esteem, it's important to observe (not criticize) the sources of your role models' self esteem. It's important to also observe (not criticize) where your self esteem has come from in the past, i.e. what makes you feel good about you and what you need to feel good about yourself. Thus you'll understand the psychology of self worth and the causes of low self esteem. 

The next step in restoring selfesteem and beating low selfesteem is to meet your own best friend. So if you've ever thought that you are often your own worst enemy, this portion of the program is particularly valuable because it introduces you to "you," and creates the path by which you easily become your own best friend.

Now, how do you handle emotions? I mean feelings of anger, uncertainty, confusion, frustration...? Self criticism in the past may have eroded your selfesteem selfconfidence. This program helps you to flip over negative emotional experiences and empowers you in building selfesteem through your experience of any emotion that life can throw your way.

Part #1 lays a foundation for suggestions for improving self esteem building self confidence. It gives you the easy a,b,c's for improving self esteem. It is educational in nature for your conscious mind. And even if you never listen to Part II which is a relaxation hypnotic program for reprogramming the subconscious to a strong healthy self image, the easy a,b,c instructions in Part #1 will get you there all by itself.

Part II is for your subconscious mind. Do not listen to it while driving a vehicle. Part II has suggestions for  your subconscious mind for restoring self esteem improving selfesteem. This side also has subliminal suggestions (suggestions that are below the audible range). Take the link to learn about the power of subliminal suggestions.

The revised expanded program also includes:

Part III which lays a foundation for being your own best friend, brings your emotional brain up to date, and provides an incredible means of turning disappointments into benefits to profit from disappointments. In other words, you will learn how to make the best tasting lemonade from the lemons that life sometimes throws at you and feel good about yourself—keep your self esteem--in the process. This is the bible, so to speak for dealing with and handling emotions. Emotions are the challenge of the twenty first century. Why, simple. We've had twenty centuries of denying and pretending emotions aren't important. And yet, we're emotional beings—the primitive limbic brain is the emotional brain. Emotions were there long before language and centuries later, we're really very little better off handling emotions than we were centuries ago. We generally learn how to ignore them, pretend they don't bother us, or to act them out. In fact it's our poor abilit! y to handle emotions that keeps psychiatrists, psychologist, therapists and many doctors in business. Yes, poor handling of anger and rejection can lead to depression which in turn can lead suppression of immune function—auto immune disease and even cancers. Or instead of poor handling of depression leading to depression, it can lead to heart disease. Tony Robbins in his Get the Edge program devotes an entire cd to understanding emotions. He suggests that there are many reasons we have emotions and that it's important to process each emotion—the purpose and result. Ultimately what he suggests isn't very different than what psychologists and therapists have been doing for the last two hundred years. The problem with this approach is that it's attempting to quantify something literally happens at the speed of light. It's attempting to use the rationale brain to control the emotional brain with analysis and there just isn't sufficient time to accomplish this goal. It's simply an impractical means of handling emotions.

Part III is also based on techniques popularized in the Erhardt Training seminars of the 70's and 80's and The Angry Book by Isaac Rubin psychiatrist. Rather than understanding emotions, it's in the experience of them through which we gain a handle on them and then can profit or in some way benefit from them. It becomes more of a three step dance or three frames of a cartoon as opposed to six to ten different analytical reasons for each possible emotion. Instead it is through this three step process that is the same for each and every emotion that we have which allows you to stop the process at any one of the three steps being free of any analytical processes to do so. It is truly the most effective method and advanced thinking to deal with emotion! s available--one that empowers you to meet the challenge of the 21st century—handle all emotions in a healthy way and feel good about yourself no matter the outcome.

This is the bible, so to speak for dealing with and handling emotions. .

Part IV, complete with subliminal suggestions, is for nurturing your subconscious mind as you sleep. This is what accelerates the process of building self worth, being your own best friend, and turning disappointments into benefits.

The complete Program, parts 1, 11, 111, 1v on 2 CDs   $49.95 

Get Rid of Self Esteem Blues E-book   $21.95

Total Value: $71.90 for just $49.95

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual CDs

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