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I've been practicing hypnosis since 1976. Yes, I have put people under to the point they didn't even remember their name upon awakening, or feel a needle going through a part of their hand (we don't do that anymore since AIDS). My instructor, the late Harry Arons, taught us to use the glove anesthesia technique for painless dentistry. Only problem was that it only worked with somnambuls--those who could go very deep hypnotically. See, there was this scale we used. It was one thru six. Six was the deepest level where the hypnotic subject could be suggested that upon awakening his eyes, he wouldn't see something that was right in front of him (negative hallucination). To experience glove anesthesia, the subject would have to reach deep stage of four or lower. So only one out of every ten people could experience painless dentistry. No wonder they sell a ton of Novocain.

Alright, I like to get all the negatives out of the way because even after you just read the above paragraph, you're probably still thinking, "OK, statistically I'm probably not a good subject and I won't even have the benefit of working with a professional hypnotist in person--just a cd and what can that do?"

First, the purpose of the first paragraph was to let you know that we're not going to use some deep hypnotic thing with you to achieve painless dentistry, otherwise, I'd have been writing about how you will get so deep with this cd that your hand will feel like it has a heavy glove on it and that you can feel nothing through that glove and that whenever you position your glove hand next to your jaw you'll have that same feeling of nothingness transferred to your jaw--that's what's meant by glove anesthesia. No, this technique would have to work for me. You see, just because I've hypnotized a lot of people doesn't mean that I'm a good hypnotic subject--I'd certainly like to experience those deep states, but it's never happened. I volunteered for stage demonstrations and while others on stage with me were licking imaginary ice cream cones, I was checking out a good looking woman in the audience (not any more since I'm practically married), but I never forgot anything or could say that any of the suggestions worked for me so I'm basically what most hypnotists would call a poor hypnotic subject.

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In some regards I guess that's good because I learned to specialize with those who deemed themselves lousy subjects or were told they couldn't be hypnotized and succeeded with wakened hypnosis.

Getting back to painless dentistry. From even when I leaned how to use self hypnosis back in 1976 through the early 80's I always prayed for Novocain whenever I had a filing done and cursed it for the next four or five hours as the numbness wore off. But that was life and I wasn't going to try any of this glove anesthesia stuff.

And then one day, my dentist must have hit a nerve with the Novocain and my face was numb for weeks. At the time I was doing two group sessions every night for four nights every week and my voice was reduced to mumbling and tongue biting. It got so bad, that the thought of speaking made my mouth tense. It took a month of a lot of self hypnosis and self talk to get over it and I never wanted to risk that experience again.

I remembered three things and maybe read one or two more.
1.   Even with Novocain, I did feel something--I never felt NOTHING so I wondered how much worse could it feel?
2.  When I got tense and forgot to breathe the feelings intensified.
3.  My body was tensing because it perceived a physical threat to my survival.
4.  The dentist was not threatening my life as my subconscious perceived.

With my experience in stress management using muscular tensing relaxing methods to accomplish differential relaxation and breadth management skills, I put together the painless dentistry program and this is what it is.
So I'm going to tell you everything (well almost everything)--you don't even have to buy the cd unless you'd like guidance through the exercises to mastery.

First, I want to share with you the biggest pitfall to success--your dentist or his assistant. 99.9% of all their patients use some sort of pain killer or drug--you'll be like an alien to them. The dentist will be afraid that you'll chicken out and he'll lose 15 minutes of his time having to give you the shot and wait out the time. You know how it works. He says, "hello, we'll fill the molar today, it'll just take a minute to administer the shot," after which time he leaves for 15 minutes as the anesthesia takes hold. Rather than twittling his thumbs for 15 minutes as the anesthesia takes hold, he schedules himself to work with another patient after which time he comes back, checks your progress and starts his work. What's going to happen if when he comes back from the other patient, he starts working with you and you need the shot--it messes up his schedule--a stressful day for him as his wife's waiting dinner for him.
Now the assistant, even though, I've been going to my dentist for years and years, never reads that part in my file about no Novocain and always says, "he'll be back in a moment and give you the Novocain."  If you ask if anyone else skips the Novocain or whatever drug, she'll be lucky if she can remember one person in ten years.

I write all this because this is really your only hurdle--convincing the dentist and his assistant that you've got things under control. And he'll say, "well, if it gets too bad, let me know and I'll stop and give you the shot." Now most likely you wouldn't even be reading this unless you  have a problem with anesthesia as I did which means you are highly motivated as I was and that's good, otherwise, the doubts from the dentist and his assistant is enough to scare Frankenstein.

To experience painless dentistry, you only have three things to do:
1. Keep your muscles through out your body relaxed. Tension in your feet will not help you one bit. Let your whole body tense up like an iron bar and that intensifies pain.

2. Keep your breathing slow, deep, and regular. Usually in the midst of stress, we forget to breathe and that simply magnifies pain.

3. Take control of your mind. I do that by flooding my mind with a two word command that transfers what I feel to something I like. I allow no other thought into my mind while my mouth is open.

Now about the program. You have an idea as to what it's about. It has several parts:
1. Muscular relaxation exercises so you can master the art of differential relaxation. The total body relaxation exercise cd does this too. Example, if you're washing your window, tension in your forehead won't help matters except perhaps to give you a headache later on.
2. Breathing exercises so you can keep physically relaxed and not activate your fight or flight.
3. Mind flooding exercise using the exact same thought to convert what in the past might have felt painful to something acceptable.
4. Hypnotic relaxation to counter the negative suggestions you might hear from the dentist or his assistant.

Will it work for getting a filing? Yes, I've have ten filings over the years--even in molars.
How about for caps? Yes, I've had three caps in the last ten years--all in molars.
How about root canal? Yes, but I must admit, I had my first root canal in 2003 and because of my dentist's urging went with the Novocain. Never more--the next one will be my way.
Has my dentist ever had to stop working because I had a problem maintaining my goals? Absolutely not. All I have to do is remember those three things and that's it and I'm a lousy hypnotic subject who experiences painless dentistry. Is that an oxy moron? Order it now and get free of the Novocain hangover!!

Painless Dentistry cd $24.95

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

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