AncientMed Ancient Keys to Awareness with Meditation Meditation


To Open all Charkas for Emotional and Physical Health
By an unknown author CD $59.95

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This is a group of three programs on five cds. I was given this program copied onto hand labeled cassettes with only the name of the program almost twenty years ago and told that it was a great program. Unfortunately the author never reveals his name or information as how to contact him throughout the programs. Because of its tremendous value, I transferred it to digital format, edited it, and am making it available as a set of five cds. Since it is not my material (not that I haven't learned a lot from the program in fact, if you're familiar with many of my programs, you'll hear me share some of the vignettes from the program. Although the material is worth hundreds of dollars, I am offering it for simply the cost of production until someone can identify the author so I may contact him for reproduction and resale rights. It's too valuable to keep on a shelf and from the spiritual vibrations of the author, I'm sure he would agree.

Keys to Awareness is a three cd program which lays an in-depth foundation for meditation, discusses each charka in detail providing its location in the body, the consequences of blockage on one's emotional and physical health, the color, mineral association, visual image, and sanscrit mantra. How to meditate, keep the mind focused and get the most from meditation is given in this program

Free Seven Part Report "Discover the Little Known Secrets--What Makes Hypnosis Work" and Monthly Stress Management TipsSM Bulletin--a $300 value

River Meditation on one cd is a guided meditation through one's life likened to a flowing stream merging with other streams, becoming a river and flowing into a large lake where it is clarified.

Health and Healing on one cd goes into esp, psychic healing, and is complimented with a mediation which, using the sanscrit mantra of each charka, goes through all seven charkas.

All five cd's packaged for just $59.95 plus shipping. Don't pass up this great value.

Ancient Keys to Awareness Program 5 CD's  $59.95

includes River Meditation and Health and Healing

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
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