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Save Big: This program is included in the the Personal Freedom Series for Emotional Health.

This program accomplishes the same as other programs requiring a half dozen cds costing well over $200 to accomplish the same results.  The most effective approach to dealing with chronic depression is to seek a medical help and counseling simultaneously. Your physician will prescribe something like Prosaic, Paxil, Lithium, St. John's Wart, and in some cases, mood stabilizers like Neurontin or Risperdol.

Let's not get confused. There's a down feeling everyone gets from time to time and you might say, "I feel depressed," but you really mean "I feel down." Depression is much more than an occasional bad hair day. 


Here's a list of some of the symptoms:
• Feeling down in the dumps.
• Loss of interest for doing things you normally enjoy.
• Sleeplessness or sleeping too much.
• General fatigue.
• Increase or decrease in appetite or weight.
• Difficulty Concentrating.
• Trouble making decisions.
• Feelings of guilt, remorse and or worthlessness.
• Thought of committing suicide or death.

It's estimated that one in twenty suffer from depression to various degrees. Remember though, the one suffering from serious depression may not seem or feel down. Instead the symptoms may be outwardly focused and manifest themselves as episodes of anger, extreme intolerance, compulsive behavioral disorders. Inwardly focused, the immune system may be compromised resulting in life threatening diseases. So it's not uncommon for the individual suffering with depression to be treated for a whole host of medical or psychological issues before some one takes note of the list of basic symptoms listed in the linked site above.

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There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that one who is willing to be honest with oneself (not to declare yourself crazy) but simply to realize that your own personality is in conflict (the good feeling is not to be trusted) can cut through the shrouds of mechanisms that hide clinical depression. The bad news is that until this is done, the mechanism simply becomes more enshrouded.

Let's be honest. If you have chronic depression, it's unlikely that this or any program will eliminate depression by itself and it's unlikely that any medicine or supplement by itself will either. Yet with prescribed supplements or medicines and this program* you may save months or years ineffective of therapy (counseling) and thousands of dollars in freeing yourself of depression. The key is to direct the counseling in the right direction.

Unfortunately most counseling is rather nonspecific and you can literally waste years of your life in therapy. This is the one program that is specifically orients you in the right direction. In fact, you may use it to direct your counseling and when your therapist asks, "what would you like to discuss in this session?" you'll have a pertinent answer rather than talk about the first thing that comes to mind. Effective depression treatment will be to guide the therapist from the issues that surface from listening to this program.

Did you know that your attitudes contribute to your state of mind? It's well known that your attitudes can make you happy, unhappy, upset, bored, excited... And specifically, a conflict of these attitudes can result in depression. That's right. One's inability to recognize these internal conflicts, much less effectively deal with them leaves a sense of helplessness and despair.

I'm not saying that getting rid of depression is an easy task. It is a symptom of deeper conflicts within. And these conflicts are rarely complicated. Getting rid of depression is as easy as it is to:
1. identify the conflicts.
2. own up to them.
3. be honest with yourself about your feelings concerning the issue of conflict.

This is the one hypnotic program that will enable you to identify the conflicts and deal with them honestly. That honesty will set you free. It's like this, if you find yourself in a pond of dirty water and part of you believes it's beneficial for you to get out of it (and it is), but part of you for some reason (superstition, child hood rituals, beliefs adopted from others) tells you not to, then you're immobilized and continued immobilization is "clinical depression". You are literally depressed, i.e. like this thing holds you down and keeps you from moving. You say, "that's silly, anyone knows to get out of dirty water no matter what." Yet, there is some issue in your life that you are hung up on. Just about anyone else that you talk to would look at it as though it was the dirty water and can't understand why you just can't get yourself out of it. And that could be for several reasons:
1. you didn't know that staying in it was a problem for you.
2. you've always been in it and change seems so hard for you.
3. fear that you might not be a good person if you stepped out of the dirty water, i.e. someone close to you might get hurt.

Part I of the self help mp3 downloads or cds is about identifying the conflicting attitudes and beliefs. And if you ever thought you were your own worst enemy, you step beyond that limitation to become your own best friend.

Part II is a hypnotic conflict resolution experience.

All in all, everyone is different. One out of 30 people who listen to this Up From Depression program just once free themselves of chronic depression as if by magic. With all that they've done, the program is the catalyst that makes it all make sense. But don't expect it to work that way for you. You may not be that far along the path or have been going in the wrong direction and it may take a few weeks with a supportive counselor to put it all together for you. Even though the basic program was created in the 1980's it still is the most advanced and effective thinking on the earth to deal with depression and comes with a four month guarantee period. The first time you use the program (for a week or so) you will get your interpretation of the program--not what the program really means. You may also get somewhat confused as it does challenge you to look at possible conflicts within your own belief system. It provides several case histories with which you can relate. 

Then put the program away for a week or two before you use it the second time. This time your interpretation may slightly different and you'll think as you listen, "Ah ha, that's what he meant." And then repeat this again--putting the program away and using it again in a week or two. Each time you do this, your "ah ha's" will double as  you turn the key to freedom from depression. 

Overcome Depression CD  $24.95

Choose whether you want the self help mp3 downloads or the actual Cds

Digital Download Version
Physical CD Version

* unless you have a problem with alcohol/drugs, or grew up in an alcoholic family, or are in relationship with an alcoholic in which case it's a must to include Alcoholics Anonymous, al-anon, or ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics). 

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