Antibiotics for Lyme Disease is a Waste of Time and Resources...4/18/19

Lyme disease has distinguished itself as quite the conundrum. Being of the bacterium species, you'd assume that a doctor's protocol would include antibiotic treatment, like doxycycline-and that would normally be a correct assumption.  But in the case of Lyme disease, it's a whole different ballgame. 

Simple antibiotic treatment in Lyme disease only has a decent success rate IF it's caught fast enough.  However, even then, according to Pubmed, the CDC says 10% to 20% of patients "appropriately" treated (meaning with the standard 28-day antibiotic regimen) will continue to experience symptoms for an "unspecified period of time."   

However, too often it isn't caught early enough to treat. After you've been infected for 6 months or longer, you've entered the chronic stage (known officially only as "post-Lyme disease syndrome.")  It can now enter your brain, your joints and even your musculoskeletal system.  

Yes, prolonged antibiotic treatment in Lyme is indeed controversial.  Actually, scientists and doctors tend to take very staunch stances in both camps.  But evidence shows that in many of these cases, excessive antibiotic usage can lead to detrimental outcomes. 

You can find this information in my free report, Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You Anymore , and reiterated in a new Canadian study called Lyme disease: Prolonged courses of antibiotics can ‘lead to harmful health outcomes’, according to Canadian experts.  They state:  "Prescribing prolonged courses of antibiotics for patients experiencing symptoms attributed to Lyme disease can lead to harmful health outcomes, by Canada’s infectious disease experts."

In the past, the few doctors that specialized in Lyme treated it using the aggressive antibiotic protocol.  Thankfully, on April 15th, at 2019's Chronic Lyme Summit, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt echoed the need to dispel the myth insisting that long-term antibiotic therapy is the solution to the treatment of this enigmatic disease.  

"In chronic Lyme, I do not believe there is a future for the treatment with pharmaceutical agents," he said. "Most of our patients have had antibiotic treatment for a year or two or three and have failed that treatment."  Basically, he says, it's overkill.  "We don't need to use nuclear bombs to explode...the patient's own tissue just to get there."  

Even worse, a 2017 study published in the peer-reviewed PLoS One found that ALL study participants treated with the standard 28-day dose of antibiotics were STILL found to have some level of infection 7-12 months post treatment.  So they've already proved the standard treatment doesn't work! 

Why?  Well, that answer requires further studies by our scientists, and there's a whole lot that isn't known.  But here's what we DO know about effects that long-term antibiotic usage can have on your body: 

We know much more about the microbiome, and the decimation antibiotics do to the good bacteria in your gut.  After slamming their bodies with so many antibiotics, Lyme sufferers may be left with raging parasitical, Candida, or even worse infections. 

There are real, documented consequences of long-term antibiotic therapy, including (but not limited to) colitis, C. diff, bone marrow toxicity, horrific rashes, biliary stones, sepsis...and the list goes on.  There's an old adage that goes "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch."  You know those commercials that rave about how great their medicine is, and then at the end they rattle off a list of pretty scary and possibly lethal side effects?  Hey, would you like some sepsis with your free lunch?  There IS NO free lunch when it comes to antibiotics.

So if, as Dr, Klinghardt says, pharmaceutical agents no longer have a future in the treatment of Lyme disease, what do you do? 

Well, let's start with a quick synopsis of the what Lyme disease really is. Lyme is the result of infection by a spirochete known as borrelia burgdorferi.  In Surprising Facts About Chonic Lyme Disease & It's Treatment, written by well-respected parasite Dr. Todd Watts, when borrelia burgdorferi gets into your system, "it burrows it's way into your organs and tissues.  This can give you degenerative health issues that look like something else." This can include (but again, are not limited to): debilitating chronic pain, joint pain, autoimmune diseases, brain fog and cognitive issues.

Regardless, with antibiotics off the table, reason dictates we must search for alternative solutions..  I'm certainly not giving up.  Which brings me full circle back to the original question. 

When antibiotics are off the table, do you have any chance of getting better?  The answer is 100% YES, you absolutely do! 

The first thing is to address specific nutritional deficiencies. And then it's important to manage stress.  I must warn you-if the nutritional deficiencies are not addressed, don't expect stress management techniques to do it for you.  Those of us unfortunate enough to have contracted Lyme have to work harder than the average person-but you know what?  When you're finally symptom free, you'll be blessed with a whole new outlook on life.  Plus, you'll be armed with the tools to conquer ANY challenges life may throw your way.  

Take it from me-I did it!  A decade ago, Lyme nearly had me confined to a wheel chair.  I suffered a six month course of antibiotics along with anti-fungals- which did not work. Some folks have luck on their side and the lottery quick-pick blesses them with billions. Well, I won the Lyme lottery when luck was finally on my side, and a subscriber of mine told me to try MaxOne.  She said it cured her. 

MaxOne (which dramatically increases glutathione production) combined with the multivitamin and ionic minerals I had already discovered, improved my condition 95%.  I was released from the 24/7 horrific symptoms of Lyme. Next, a couple years later,  another contact I'd made offered me to an alternate option to colloidal silver--Garcillin. I tried it, without any anticipation regarding whether or not it would help the still existing 5% of my Lyme disease-BOOM!  I'm suddenly 99.9% non-symptomatic. Garcillin is a trade name for our allicin product derived from garlic.

Since the 1970s, Lyme was always my ultimate fear- I feared it as badly as most fear cancer.  And my deepest fear nearly turned into my reality.

My number one suggestion (combined with the below stress relief techniques) can be found in my free report, Lyme Disease Doesn't Have to Own You: Begin the King Diet, use a multivitamin,  NG ionic minerals sachets, MaxOne, and Garcillin (Lyme Pack.) This strategy did erased Lyme from my life, and it's also helped many, many others struggling with this illness who are now getting their lives back! 

I do not make any promises to cure anybody, I simply suggest using these nutritional items and dietary recommendations first--regardless of whether you've been roped into an antibiotic regime by your primary or your LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor.)

Why?  These nutrients are necessary, actually they're VITAL for everyone as a foundation for good health!  Therefore, this eliminates the expenses associated with Lyme disease, everyone's daily intake should include these nutrients from the get-go.  In fact, they should never be discontinued- that is, if you want a chance to have an extended, healthful life.

Alternatively, there are many expensive routes you can go down: costly IV glutathione or ozone treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or you can purchase a (not at all cheap) biofeedback device.   

Essential oils are another popular alternative therapy in the Lyme world. 

A recent Johns Hopkins study suggests plant compounds may be better than current antibiotics at killing Lyme bacteria (yet more documentation proving my point-antibiotics are a waste of time!)  If you choose this road, please do your research, as there is no regulation in this industry, and there are many possible interactions.  Since we do now sell essential oil tinctures in our online shop, there's no need to worry about brand inferiority.  However, certain oils can be toxic to animals or activate allergic reactions in you, so I still encourage you to do your homework and always patch-test first.  View our essential oil selections at The Parasite Store Essential Oils.

That being said...don't jump the gun!  Before you do the essential oils or peroxide therapy, it turns out there's a hierarchy when you're killing/detoxing these microbes that are devastating your life.  Kiki, one of our subscribers, sent me a Q&A video by Dr. Jay Davidson & Dr. Todd Watts which is very interesting-and happens to make total sense. According to them, you must first ensure your drainage system is working efficiently (meaning, your bowel movements are regular, etc)  The reason being-your drainage system is how your body excretes the toxic substances.

1. Eliminate internal parasitical infections. I have a protocol utilizing two affordable alternatives--Diatomaceous earth and/or consumption of the NG Mouth Wash.  Are you wondering if you have internal parasites? According to Dr. Watts, if you can hear your heart beat, you have them--there is no point no in costly lab work.  These internal bugs create a simple method for disease to flourish inside you.
2. Maintain good and varied gut flora--we carry Restore, L-Glutatmine and two options for digestive enzymes (Agro Relief and Flouracor) which will fulfill this requirement.
3. Then comes detoxification. Toxic buildup such as heavy metals only worsen Lyme. We have MaxOne to achieve that goal.  It not only reduces inflammation and brain fog, improves immune functioning, and destroys free radicals to protect your DNA, it up-regulates the oxygen levels maintained in hemoglobin, and also slows down early aging in your cells.
4. Last, attack the bad microbes (bacteria, viruses, and fungi.) We have Garcillin for this-it's known to be anti viral, anti protozoan and anti fungal in nature.

Dr. Watts and Dr. Davidson have created their own specialty supplements, but in my evaluation of their product line, I think my protocol achieves the exact same final outcome as theirs does with less expense.

There are some doctors recommending a rotation approach-meaning use one approach for a short time period, then shift to another.  For example, use essential oils for a few weeks, then move to oxygen therapy, and then to biofeedback therapy--all the time continuing to use my supplement protocol.  More and more doctor seem to be advocating this new alternative approach.

And, because Lyme disease brings along with it many various coinfections, often the symptoms progress beyond the standard Lyme disease symptoms usually observed in the acute version.  Therefore, other supplements such as Serracor systemic enzymes and Floracor-GI Intestinal Cleanse with Probiotics are often necessary. And since Lyme can manifest itself in various places in the dermis, it can really destroy your skin-and polyphenols, as in our Skin Regenerator, can also be quite helpful.

Lastly, believe it or not, learning how to manage stress and utilizing mindfulness techniques have been shown to be greatly helpful in dampening the horrific symptoms chronic Lyme tends to bring.  Here are a few great suggestions.

1. Muscle Relaxation Techniques:
Combining muscle relaxation techniques with deep breathing and a count back from ten to one will help you relax and shortly you will notice the tension in your body begin to disappear.   For more information on this technique, click here on Muscle Relaxation Techniques.
2. Meditation Techniques for Health:
Those who meditate regularly are healthier, tend to live longer and are free of self destructive habits.  Those who practice meditation tend to feel better about themselves than those who don't.  Often, however, the mind wanders, and causes beginners to prematurely end their attempt to meditate. This is called the racing mind concept.  To learn how to meditate properly, with Meditation for Health.
3. Overcoming Anxiety:
Anxiety and panic attacks will not help you get better.  What they WILL do is raise your cortisol levels, further stressing your already weak adrenal glands.  But, you CAN experience freedom from anxiety disorders, agoraphobia and even panic attacks!  I can guarantee your Lyme will only worsen if you persist in not treating these conditions.  Find out how to Overcome Anxiety 





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