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Self Worth with Silent Subliminals for Personal Change Self Esteem Series
Feel Good about yourself on a "Bad Hair Day" or even when you make a "BIG Goof"?

Relationship Stress Techniques Relationship Series
How to Communicate with Confidence, Clarity, and Credibility is the benefit of the Relationship Series.
Personal Change and Improvement Plan for Success Executive Advancement Series
Now you can do more than dream about success...

Stress Techniques to Over Come Panic and Agoraphobia Panic Series
Panic and Anxiety Are a Disease of Ignorance, 80% of the anxiety sufferers I worked with learned.
Stress Techniques for Your Personal Improvement Plan Stress Management Training Series
It Ain't a Cure.. but until a cure is discovered, it's the best next thing!
Improve Study Skills with Silent Subliminals for Your Personal Improvement Plan Study Skills Series
Improve Study Habits program which gives you the ground work for knowing the subject well enough to teach it.
End Compulsive, Emotional, and Binge Eating for Your Personal Change and Improvement Plan Weight Loss Series
How to achieve your goals, build self worth, gain confidence, lose weight and more in record time!
Stress Techniques to Manage Emotions for Personal Change and Your Personal Improvement Plan Personal Freedom Series (Emotional Health) Have Confidence and Composure in the Most Highly Charged Situations. Achieve Prosperity in Your Personal Change and Improvement Plan Prosperity Series
The Secrets to Attracting Health, Vitality, and Prosperity.
Learn to Relax Stress Techniques for Your Personal Improvement Plan Relaxation Series
These programs make Relaxation  so easy, even a ten year old can do it. Most ten year olds can already relax, why can't you?
Over Come Shyness for Your Personal Change and Improvement Plan Overcome Shyness Series 
As you probably already know, you don't have to be a genius to overcome shyness and have chutzpah...
Stress Techniques with Meditation Meditation Series
Open all Charkras for Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health.
Over Come Rejection for Your Personal Change and Improvement Plan

Dealing With Rejection Series 
Whether jilted by a lover, divorced, or loss of loved one through death, this series of self help mp3 downloads and stress management CD's will take you through the grief and loss and get you back on track to living life again.

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Personal Change With Stress Techniques and Hypnosis Silent Subliminals for Your Personal Improvement Plan

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I feel blessed to have the chance to learn from you."

Alex Meyers

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Unless you're dealing with a health crisis, it makes sense to begin your personal change with Self Help Audio mp3 Downloads and CDs. These Stress Techniques are the best selling self help audio CD programs for your Personal Improvement Plan developed by Richard Kuhns utilizing Silent Subliminals where appropriate.

Why hypnosis? In reality hypnosis is the art of suggestion which can be verbal (auditory) or visual. The goal is to influence a desired change in behavior and what stands in the way are the limiting or conflicting beliefs housed on one's subconscious mind.

Examples of limiting beliefs that stand in the way of personal change for your personal improvement plan:

"I'm not smart enough!"
"I can't learn fast enough!"
"I'm too short, fat, uneducated..."

Literally dozens of these limiting beliefs for many situations exist.

Examples of conflicting beliefs that limit personal change:

Mary despised her dad for making her mother's life miserable. After her mother died, she had her dad come live with her. When asked about how she feels about her dad, she said, "You're supposed to love your dad!"

Two conflicting unresolved beliefs led to Mary being very unhappy and depressed. Recognizing the conflict in belief is the first step in self help. 

Because you are the guardian of the suggestions you now accept, all hypnosis is really self hypnosis. Yet not every thing is about accepting suggestions. Often times there are real stress management training exercises along with nutritional adjustments that are required. 

Personal Change with Specific Stress Techniques

Not all personal change requires investigating conflicting beliefs! Most times issues such as muscular pain and discomfort, poor circulation as in cold hands or feet can be greatly helped by basic stress techniques. Stress techniques such as deep breathing exercises, muscle awareness exercises, vascular relaxation, and centering. Your personal improvement plan may be greatly facilitated by the Stress Management Training Series.

 The Creator of These Programs for Stress Techniques and Your Personal Improvement Plan

Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified (a chemical engineer) brings a revolutionary approach to self hypnosis self help audio CD and Self Help MP3 Downloads "For instance, I found early on clients would drop a lot of weight with hypnosis and self hypnosis, but then gain it back. It was frustrating. Yet, clients who were taught stress management techniques dropped weight without even trying. I learned that it's actually the marriage of self hypnosis and stress techniques that makes it powerful." 

And using every tool available, where appropriate silent subliminals are used. Please note that designing silent subliminals is an art and that many who use silent subliminals may inadvertently use non productive and in some cases suggestions counter productive silent subliminals. For instance, "I am not going to eat something," or, "I am going to give up or do without," are two counter productive suggestions and is best to never use them. Counter productive firstly because of the word, "not." This is because the brain skips over the word, "not," and the focus is on eating something and the second of the silent subliminals is a problem because the brain hates the idea of giving up (associated with the opposite of winning) or doing without (associated with punishment). Thus it would be counter productive to use these types of messages as silent subliminals. Fact is that it's best to never use CDs with silent subliminals unless the suggestions are identified for some well meaning authors may inadvertently use counter productive suggestions in their self help audio CD.

Utilizing  Stress Management Techniques For Personal Improvement and Personal Change:

For instance with emotional eating, using the power of suggestion (hypnosis) you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you eat what you really want and will be amazed to find that what you want is far less in quantity and far more nutritious than you ever imagined possible as you fill up on flavor and taste. Add subliminal messages and you won't find a more effective and comprehensive program.

Trouble going to sleep? Using suggestion put your body asleep one part at at time and sleep soundly through the night.

If you want to learn more about hypnosis, self hypnosis, and stress management strategies for your personal change and improvement plan there are many free articles available in this website as well as you can subscribe to the Free Seven Part Report "Discover the Little Known Secrets--What makes Hypnosis Work" and Monthly Stress Managment (misspelled) Tips BulletinSM using the form above.

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